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The discrete, illegal dumping of mass quantities of waste, by distributing it in small amounts at various locations around town. This is done to avoid paying a manageable, one time fee at the local waste disposal facility.

This term comes from the move Shawshank Redemption and the character Andy Dupresne. Seems Andy's favorite hobby was toting his wall out into the exercise yard... ...a handful at a time.
I tore down a wall of plaster and mortar at my house, and it took me a month of Andy Dufresning to get rid of it at local dumpsters, ditches, grade schools, and churches.
by blackburnian April 05, 2013
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Simply, when one's face breaks out with such ferocity and cunning overnight that it flummoxes all those who knew him/her.
Jon: "Dude, Mike's face is Dufresning badly today."

Matt: "I know dude; who would've thought. He used to be such a good guy"
by ChemistryCalvin July 16, 2010
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