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The act of stuffing a semi erect penis into a vagina.
Jay: "How could you fuck a chick that is that ugly?"

Ian: "I know! I couldn't get my dick hard enough so I had to duffle bag it in there!"
by Jeff Mainland December 13, 2008
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The act of shitting in a tube sock, and then proceeding to mercilessly beat someone in the face with it.
Greg pisses Johnny off by hitting on his sister, so Johnny dufflebagged the crap out of him.
by Tiso November 01, 2006
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A shiftless, lazy slacker, who gets by with doing the least amount of effort or work possible. Continuously lets others carry his weight.
My brother is 34 and STILL lives at home. My mother does his laundry and feeds his lazy ass. What a fucking dufflebag.
by Rakim Shabazz August 26, 2003
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the act of warming ones nuts (i.e. in the shower) to a point that they sag as low as they can possibly go and then placing them on someone's face so that they go from ear to ear.
That guys nuts were so huge, I tried to tea bag him and he duffle bagged me instead.
by Mayonaisse Man December 17, 2011
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When a female has a pair of enormous boobs, normally too big. Usually belong to overweight girls but might find their way onto a poor skinny girl.
Eww, that girl with the dufflebags tried to give me a hug.
by Nairb Yelruc October 23, 2010
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Good for transporting insane, stalker Italians after using knocking them out or kill them.
The damn Italian won't fit in the frickin' duffle bag!
by darkwriter March 13, 2010
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