The act of stuffing a semi erect penis into a vagina.
Jay: "How could you fuck a chick that is that ugly?"

Ian: "I know! I couldn't get my dick hard enough so I had to duffle bag it in there!"
by Jeff Mainland December 13, 2008
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stuffing your unerect penis into a condom and throwing it into a vagina
Tiffany: feels loose, are you duffle bagging?

Near: yea, well deal with it.
by no really i am justice, May 17, 2009
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the act of warming ones nuts (i.e. in the shower) to a point that they sag as low as they can possibly go and then placing them on someone's face so that they go from ear to ear.
That guys nuts were so huge, I tried to tea bag him and he duffle bagged me instead.
by Mayonaisse Man December 18, 2011
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Good for transporting insane, stalker Italians after using knocking them out or kill them.
The damn Italian won't fit in the frickin' duffle bag!
by darkwriter March 13, 2010
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A form of autoerotic asphyxiation in which an individual is zipped up and optionally padlocked in a large carryall, preferably from The North Face.
Hey, did you hear about that maths wiz code-breaker from MI6 who died while duffle bagging in his safe house flat in Pimlico?
by ionlytrustthedailymail September 12, 2010
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