Duck Ass is that obnoxious Meg Ryan-esque hair-do that middle aged suburban women get trying to look edgey and young. There are many variations of it but they all involve a fearthery burst of hair at the base of the skull. It is a close relative of the mullet.
Tina came back from vacation with a salon tan and a duck ass hair-do. Why can't she just swallow her pride and age gracefully?+
by Fredo May 20, 2004
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-noun, duhk-as
1. an ambiguous slang;
used to describe being inebriated, or used as an insult.

-Related forms
duckassed, adjective
1. "I was so duckassed, I quacked all over the poop deck!"
2. "You stupid duckass."
3. Someone fails miserably at an intended action and is replied to by a passerby, "duckass."
by WittaAa! July 13, 2010
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A hairstyle from the mid 1950s that resembled a duck's arse. Both men and women wore this hairstyle. On men, it was held in place with grease.

Also called a D.A.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 12, 2005
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A person whom you date or are associate with that you are ashamed and/or embarrass to bring around your normal friends or family forcing you to duck or dodge them when you drive by. Most Duck ass people are jobless, wannabe gangsters that use women to pay their bills and drive their cars.
Is Katie still dating that duck-ass nigga from her job?

Kelly: Why do I get hurt by these guys? They just use me!
Jim: Cause you are attracted to duck-ass people.
by dragonlp2004 September 25, 2010
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someone who does or says something so stupid that they deserve a kick in the ass. derived from the way ducks hold their tail feathers up in the air, exposing their asses
dude: rich just bet that guy $300 he could finish the entire fifth of 151.
bro: da fuck?
dude: dunno.
bro: rich is a duck ass. he's gonna lose the money and be passed the fuck out.
by explainer February 14, 2004
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