This is a face used in many teenage facebook pictures. They stick their lips out in a fashion that resembles a duck's beak. It is meant to be seductive, although why anyone would think ducks are sexy, I don't know. Stay away from these girls, prolonged exposure to them may cause brain cell damage. This is not to be confused with a kissy face, which is a girl making a face as if she were about to kiss someone. This is an okay face under the circumstances that A: She is in a relationship and sending it to her boyfriend because she's traveling far away B: Blowing kisses to her mom or dad through skype C: It's Valentines day. If it is not under these circumstances, then it's just as bad as duck lips.
In the picture, she had duck lips and was naked in the shower. I can't believe I once was friends with her.
by Seven Seven December 21, 2012
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Where one's lips look like a duck's bill(beak). Most scenefags make kissing faces while they take endless pictures of themselves and post them at various places on the internet. They think it looks really cool, but they actually look like an ugly ass duck. It looks really AWFUL, and makes me wan't to destroy the internet because so many people are doing it.
Guy1: Yo did you see her myspace?
Guy2: Yeah! She looks like a real scenefag with those duck lips!
by The Robsta June 3, 2005
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Another term for speculum, a cold, metal device used by the gynocologist to pry open and peer into your ladyparts during an pelvic exam.
"There I was, shivering in my paper gown, heels in the stirrups and trying to think of Paris, anywhere but here. And then my struggle for detachment was shattered by the icy cold introduction of the duck lips as they quacked their way into my unwilling hooha..."
by WordyGrrl May 26, 2006
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What morons say who haven't heard the term "duck face"
"Hey I just got the Internet, have you heard about 'duck lips'"?
by jonnyrash July 30, 2015
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A pose used in a selfie, usually by making an over exaggerated kissing face with your lips.
Girl: (to other girl) I'm taking a selfie. I'm going to do duck lips.
Girl 2: I really need new friends.
by afdslj;k May 23, 2017
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The look of a woman who has used to much botox around her mouth. It gives her the inability to smile while giving her lips a pursed appearance.
Look, she must of had botox injections today, she has duck lips.
by GravityTank June 26, 2010
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A verb used for when a person is making duck lips, usually for a picture. (Used instead of saying "making duck lips.")
Billy: Why is David always duck-lipping in all of his pictures?

Joe: He's not duck-lipping. His lips are just huge.

Billy: Oh...
by Hungry Hypocrite September 9, 2011
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