Pronounced: duet
Meaning: going in to a squad game with no fill and only 2 total players
Person 1: omg this is to ez
Person 2: lets duad
by GamerGirl456 November 29, 2019
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The greatest man you’ll ever meet has good looks is polite and very wealthy. He is truly a gentleman and a man of his word.
I need myself a Duad
by Katemiller769 October 23, 2020
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A group of two. A person interacting with one other. The person could be interacting with one other person or one other thing. Several duads can take place simultaneously.
A person is driving a car while talking on the phone. That person is in two duads. One duad with the car and one duad with the phone. Duads' usage would be to sort out and prioritize activities. Which duad do I engage in first? At buisness meetings, for example, which person should I engage, which duad is most important for my purposes? Observing how others prioritize their duads would be helpful in knowing what's going on.
by Garytheduad March 5, 2011
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the biggest most toxic player in league of legends. if you meet a duad goldfish be extremely careful not to trigger him, as he will flame the living shit out of you
Me: "LUL"
by hehe xd123 May 24, 2017
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instead of calling someone in front of a child dumb fuck you call them dumb duade LOL
by yani July 27, 2013
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