A garment of thin material worn around the head to avoid discomfort and irratation from hat or helmet. Worn by burly construction workers and athletes alike.
"Hey Ryan that Du Rag looks really comfy and if You don't mind me saying, makes you look even more handsome." Said Tom.
by Redleader31 February 08, 2016
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a silk material worn around a persons head with the corners tied together to protect hair for a process hairstyle during the night (or during they day depending on what the person wants to do) it also comes in multiple colors.
Person1: How do you get waves? it looks so hard.

Person2: Well the most important part is the Du rag so you don't mess the hair up
it's actually not that hard but you have to be willing to put in effort and time
by Jada6 May 25, 2019
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