The act of masturbating (generally males) without the use of any form of lubrication. Most men who "dry dog" rely on loose skin to allow their hand to easily move up and down.
"You'll never believe what just happened!"
"What happened?"
"I caught Conner dry dogging it up in his room!"
by Ethan_bigsnake June 27, 2014
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The act of taking a shit and excluding to wipe your ass.
There's no toilet paper at Jane's house , she must've been dry dogging it for weeks now!
by Cadehwahdeh November 6, 2015
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a term describing masturbation without lotion.

using just the skin of the penis
ex. dude he just whipped it out and started jerkin?
yup no lotion either he was dry dogging it
by buttfuckmageee March 14, 2011
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Figuratively, the act of getting fucked over by someone in the worst way possible. Its literal meaning is further defined as having a dick rammed in your ass with no lube at nearly the speed of light.
I went in to Starbucks this morning and got dry dogged for a $5.00 coffee.
by Creighton August 18, 2006
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The act of anal sex without the use of lube or a condom. The person getting dry dogged usually bites the pillow and cannot sit down for quite sometime.
Nick: (on the phone) hey Parker, did you do the geometry homework??

Parker:(on the phone) Bro, seriously, I'm dry dogging it with Melissa right now.

Nick: Mad game!!!
by sir swag beastliness December 2, 2012
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The act of dry humping- going through the motions of sexual intercourse whilst fully clothed, but with the enthusiasm of a mongrel dog.
Dude I was so drunk I was dry dogging her while her mum was in the next room
by malabu January 10, 2012
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A sex position where you suck a dog's cock so much it becomes dry.
Guy1: I nutted by doing the Dry Dog with my eye socket!
Guy1: You mad bro?
Guy2: I'm calling the police
Guy1: Yup you mad LOL
Guy1: *NUTS*
Police: OPEN FIRE!
Guy1: *DIES*
Police: Nvm, he just nutted.
by cumindog March 4, 2021
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