a substance used by idiots such as marowonah,krocane,meth,heroin,and much more (sorry if i spelled them wrong)
i found drugs under my moms bed
by grumpycat101 February 14, 2017
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to intoxicate a prefered member with illegal substances until the point of persuasion into mainly anything
"Damn, playa, you drugged that bitch up GOOD last night"
by ghettoblingbaby December 11, 2003
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Nowadays when high-schoolers (at least in my school) openly ask for drugs, they're referring to advil/tylenol because high school in general is a constant headache.
"Hey you got any drugs"
"Nah sorry I keep meaning to pack some Advil in my back, but I keep forgetting."
"Damn, my head is killing me, no worries tho."
by kaels May 30, 2018
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a thing that makes a girl do whatever you want.
i gave that girl some drugs and now she does whatever i want
by b-rad02001 January 04, 2018
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