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Drow is "word" spelled backward.

Therefore, a "drow" is a word that becomes a DIFFERENT word, if spelled backward. This is not to be confused with a palindrome, which is a word that reads the SAME backward and forward. Both definitions can be extended to phrases or sentences.

This term was coined by Dr. Benjamin Whang, the father of Suzanne Whang, host of HGTV's #1 show, "House Hunters."
"Stressed" is a drow, because when spelled backward, it becomes "desserts."

"Diaper" is a drow, because when spelled backward, it becomes "repaid."
by Whangster June 16, 2013
A race of elves marked by white hair and black skin. The drow are known to make their home in the underground of the world, or the Under Dark, where they worship the goddess of chaos, Lloth.

Drow are almost always evil, but a few exceptions have been known to occur and inspire a seemingly endless book series about their daring and goodly deeds.
Look, those drow have slaughtered those innocent towns people, much like the Drizzt series has slaughtered my innocent bank account.
by lynne August 10, 2004
1. Cannabis; Weed.

2. An expensive type of weed.
"What was Tony and them doing behind the house?"

"Talkin' shit and smokin' drow."
by JJ March 3, 2005
A group of "seemingly" evil elves with black skin and white hair. The females dominate the males due to their direct connections to the Spider Goddess Lloth and by consequence, can have legal rights to whip him in public for merely looking her in the eye.

In the world of LARP, they are simply missunderstood.
Paladin: Did you kill that elf?
Drow Matron: No
Paladin: I repeat, did you kill that elf??
Matron: No
Paladin: I saw you bloody kill him! Now confess it dammit!!
Matron: No
Paladin: Why the hell not??
Matron: Because I only stabbed him, the death part was done by the Goddess so nyah nyah nyah!!
by Vana April 5, 2005
Mythical race of elves typically evil and subsurface dwelling
Look at that evil drow.
Drizzt is a drow.
by weizur June 17, 2003
the drow rule supreme

73|-| |)R0\/\/ R0><0R /\/\1 50>< 0FF
by ill January 10, 2004
By far one of the easiest heroes to play in DotA: Defense of the Ancients. Always has a Lothars edge. Always.
Guy 1: Dude, dont QQ cause i picked Drow first.
Guy 2: I bet youre going Lothars you n00b
Guy 1: stfu
by Leo the Lion King April 10, 2009