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A name of a way to harm someone.
In Disturbed's song "Droppin' Plates" it could be described as
A. Harming/Kicking Ass
B. Showing off.
C. Both
"Move yo ass 'fo' I drop a plate on yo ass"
The man dropped the plates on the mat, he was RIPPED!
"Oh my GAWD!! Here comes Santa Clause, dropping plates!!"
by Hitman7621 October 27, 2006
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Dropping plates refers to a drug dealer hooking up his runners with pounds of dope.
Holy fuck, Tyler thinks hes the shit, dropping plates to every bucket in town. Next thing you know that truckload of killer bitch(crysyal meth) he ripped off from those redneck, inbred, shit eaters from the trailer park on the edge of town will be nearly gone. Then just hours after he smokes the last ounce and pulls his shitty dick out of the mayors' 13 yr old stepdaughter those same buckets will be on the fucking horn to rat his grimy ass out to the cops and pimp out his one armed greatgrandmother for blue jolly ranchers and kibbles and bits! What an idiot! Hes gunna wish he didnt drop plates on their asses!
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