"Jenny went to drop the kids off at the pool"
"I was just dropping the black kids off at the pool"
"I'm back from dropping the Mexican kids off at the pool"
"I was dropping the kids off at the pool just now"
by Arin C. March 21, 2015
When you drop ass but accidentally poop out the meth from your prison wallet
Alejandro thought he was gonna rip a SBD, but he ended up dropping glass right in front of the guards
by MKUltr4 April 3, 2019
When you dropp your boyfriend or girlfriend for a fuck boy or a hoe
Omg did u see how Juan bae dropped Becky for shontelle Ohhh Becky was not expecting that !!!!!!!
by Sharquisha April 11, 2016
Put a Spartan inside the Falcon and yeet the fucking Falcon out of the Frigate
"Ayo I'm bout' to do The Spartan Drop"
by GamingOwl May 26, 2020
A secret phase commonly used on construction sites by lecherous tradesman when a pretty girl is strolling past the construction site.

A drop saw is far too heavy to ‘pass’ therefore when it is yelled out, the crew on site are made aware of a female presence.
Will - Boys! ‘Pass the drop saw’!

Jaicob - Oh boy! Be right there… Gee, ain’t she a beaut!

Will - Sure is! Every morning at 7.30am like clockwork, anyway back to work.
by Bootstrap Bill January 29, 2022
Similar to ‘nic shits,’ it’s the urge you get to drop a deuce after taking a bong chops.
“Man, I smoked a bowl last night and took the most massive chop drop right after.”

“There’s no better feeling than unloading a big fat chop drop right after a sesh with the boys”

“I had some serious chop drops last night”
by Dave r October 7, 2020