Act of 'dropping a bomb' or 'bombing it'.. A 'bomb' is used to describe a drug (typically ecstasy pills or MDMA), which has been ground up and wrapped in a cigarette paper/ tissue paper or other suitable 'wrap' and swallow it.
person 1: 'yo, you doing a line?'
person 2: 'nah man, hurts my nose. im guna drop a bomb'
person 1: 'safe.'
by sjxxxxxx May 1, 2011
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The action of delivering particularly bad news to someone.
Example of Drop the Bomb - "Im about to go in there and tell the boss that we lost the Hong Kong deal, £400 mil..." - Telling the boss, would be dropping the bomb on him.
by Urban Dictionary September 4, 2006
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The act of releasing fecal matter from your anus.
Person 1: "Yo man i gotta drop a bomb so bad its turtling."
Person 2: "Can i watch?"
Person 1: "Only if you wipe back to front for me."
Person 2: "ok."
by FlexIn September 16, 2005
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to fart very loud and act like nothing happend
Wade to co-worker:
Our boss dropped a bomb on me today.

Ronald: What do you mean?

Wade: She came into my cubicle and was explaining to me how to do something when she farted really loud and acted like nothing happend. then she finished explaining and left before I could ask any questions. As if i could

Ronald: lol lol lol, she did that to me before too
by noel_doubt February 14, 2009
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to pinch off a really potent air biscuit; in other words to cut a nasty ass fart.
god DAMN, motherfucker, did you just drop a bomb?! Jeezus-fuckin-H.-Christ, you could choke a buzzard off a gut wagon!
by ass bastard July 4, 2005
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Drop the Bomb means to betray somebody.
You dropped the bomb on me, you dropped the bomb on me baby...!
You were my friend, you were my friend
P.S. from lyrics of the Gap Band - You Dropped The Bomb On Me (1982) (From GTA San Andreas OST)
by Pachuca March 30, 2017
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