Hasn't let her fans down yet? Are you fucking kidding? Have you seen - either "Charlie's Angels" or "50 First Dates"? Are you aware that she married the Canadian Retard, Tom Green? When has she NOT let down her fans?
A fan of Drew Barrymore is clearly on more drugs that Drew was at age 8, her highest drug-intake age.
by Michael Hunt March 15, 2005
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I have seen those films Michael Hunt mentioned. Sounds to me like the man is jealous of the goddess who is called Drew.
People like Michael Hunt are the reason why UrbanDictionary is filled with nonsense.
by SuperSonicX March 29, 2005
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A damn fine woman with some funny, if often quite poorly written, roles to her name. is a beacon of beautifulness, and often those who criticise them are either envious of them or simply annoyed that they cannot get a girl with her looks. did drugs, but hell, even the best of us can't say they've not had a drag or two, nay, even a cigarette in their lives. an all-round, girl-next door type who is, in short, hott.
Me: hell, Drew Barrymore is some hot shit, man.
Mike: yeah, I'd hit that.
by the nice gai December 18, 2005
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An amazing actress!!!! that is just great,and so caring! i would so love to meet her!!!!!!!!!!
Her great performance in Charlies Angels. Wow! Drew is the coolest actress eva!
by katp July 7, 2005
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