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Dreat, Dreating, or dreated. Is when one drinks and eats something at the same time.
Dreating a frozen sangria, or an ice cream, or a popsicle... or cum cause you like that shit.

"Hey. Gonna dreat this shit down bb?"
"Dreat it like you mean it."
"Dreating those cum drops like no tomorrow."
by PhanteX June 22, 2013
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Dreating is when someone drinks and eats exactly at the same time
Example: Tom decided to DREAT because he felt like drinking and eating exactly at the same time. He couldn't be bothered to eat, then drink because of his laziness. 2 years later, Tom became so lazy and fat he died because of obesity.
by TheManWho'sNameIsNotToshi December 06, 2013
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Do we eat or drink soup, yoghurt, smoothies, ketchup..Well this word solves this problem. This word is the in between word of eat and drink. It can be used if you can eat and drink a particular substance.
" Hey what are you doing?"
"I'm dreating some soup, and later i'm going to dreat my smoothie"
by madziawielka March 22, 2017
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