A great song written by 009 Sound System,sadly it has been OVERUSED in the Youtube community and given itself a bad reputation ever since. The song can be used in videos about but not limited to: Motorcycles,Cars (commonly ricers) to make the video seem as cool as possible, expensive console games,stunts,and something with an appearance to give you an adrenaline rush.
(Guy looks up a motorcycle video and hears Dreamscape)
Guy:"Damn, not this song again I just heard it from the previous videos I was watching, such as Mirror's Edge game play, Honda Civic beating a kid in a scooter, and guy skydiving.People Really need to start using this song on good videos only."
by Xprofessorelliot August 28, 2009
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n. A realm taking place in a dream. It can be shaped and changed by skilled dreamers. Basically, a blank canvas on which dreams are formed.
In my dreamscape, reality and physics decided to bugger off.
by The17thColossus November 17, 2008
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A very famous song from 2009 used exclusively in AQWorlds tutorial videos on youtube.
dud nr1- Hey bro you heard of Dreamscape?

dud nr2- Yah dud, the song from AQW tutorials?
dud nr1- Yah dud das the one.
by Care Bare on AQW November 01, 2018
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009 sound system dreamscape
by dyvnhfgnbfzvbsgrtbfgcvj December 25, 2017
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When you’re fully experiencing a dream, but simultaneously aware of your real life surroundings and actions.
“Dude I was dreamscaping so hard earlier, I was able to fly in my dream and also keep working on my computer in the real world.
by Kevin Thomas 915 January 09, 2021
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