Almost the best thing ever. But because of being overused with Audioswap it's reputation is very low. Many people dislike it EXCEPT FOR ME. One of the many songs is Dreamscape, which is my favorite. Many people say it s***s or that it's g*y. And to those haters... go jump off a cliff...
Me: Oh hey, 009 Sound System! I love this stuff!
YouTube user: get a life 009 sound system freak u must b stuped 2 litsen 2 dis crap
Me: Oh please, you wouldn't know music if it hit you in the face. Oh, by the way, look up how to have good grammar, it'll help you ALOT...
by MyDogsButt May 10, 2011
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009 Sound System is one of the 'memes' of 2007/2008, and it is a music producer. It originated from the songs "Dreamscape" and "Trinity" which has been used in tutorial video's (These tutorial video's also have the distinguishable Notepad interface or the Hypercam watermark).
Since young YouTube only has a minute amount of music to choose from, the song was very overused, due to no copyright and the tune. Due to the overuse people started hating the song. On top of that, the tune of both songs were high (trance) synthesizers, so it became even more annoying.

Now it is for most 'older' people a nostalgia trip, since by the time we are in 2017, the song looks like it is gone from youtube.
This is the standard format of tutorial video's.
"Blue background and black letters (windows movie maker was often used) showing the title"
"Dreamscape or "Trinity" from 009 Sound system plays"
"WindowsXP screen appears (Note the hypercam watermark)"
"User opens Notepad"
"A slow typing tutorial begins"
by WE-WANT-MEME-KNOWLEDGE! January 28, 2017
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009 sound system dreamscape
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