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1. verb- To add drama to something.

2. verb- A literary device to overemphasize a dramatic effect.

3. verb- (psycological) Overemphasizing or making something seem more dramatic than need or should be.

4. verb- To make something more or less apparent to the senses normally to express emphasis.

5. verb- To increase significance and/or size. (can also be ambiguous as to whether significance or size is increased)

6. verb- A false exaggeration of something.
1. "Your friend dramaticizes everything, he even talks about house flies as if they were the bane of his existence."

2. "As Harambe fell to the ground, the entire nation took their hats and pants off to give their respect to their fallen god." ~dramaticized by memes

3. "In horror, I found myself gasping for air after running from an echidna. My friend Joe shook his head at me as I dramaticized my fear of such harmless but odd creatures."

4. "O_O" as opposed to "o_o"
"Your mama's so fat, that she really COULD eat a horse."

5. "My penis dramaticized itself as soon as my pants 'accidentally' fell down in front of my girlfriend."

6. "What I maintain true is that I fear echidnas; what he dramaticized was the type of porn I like to watch."
by (9+10)x2 = 42 | 42x10 = 420 October 18, 2016
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able to add a dramatic effect to something that doesn't need much dramatization
Maria dramaticizes things way too much, she always makes a simple situation more filled with drama than is necessary.
by Chester Snow March 30, 2009
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