its a motion sickness pill that makes you trip out. and yes its hard to tell what is real and what isnt. taking less than 8 to 12 wont do anything. mess up your minds that way, Beligerent youths.
13 dramamine made him die.
by smartart August 23, 2007
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A situation with the potential to explode into serious drama, but which can be prudently avoided by remaining silent/lurking.
1: I didn't give an opinion on this earlier because I didn't want to risk stepping on a drama mine.

2: I'd rather stay out of this blog war, I know better than to go stepping on a drama mine.
by Korgmeister August 02, 2006
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Dramamine: An imaginary medication aimed at curing people of their never ending penchant for DRAMA!

Joel: She keeps texting me. When I call her back she hangs up. She always asks me where I have been....

Me: Dude, you need some God Damned DRAMAMINE and Kick her country ass to the curb!
by Alumni October 13, 2005
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