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Conceded asshole who has obsessive compulsive disorder over Justin Bieber. Spends more time talking about Justin then actually doing work. His music is terrible and the only high point in his life was when he was on Drake and Josh. Although Josh Peck was the real star of the show. He's talentless and should be working in an office answering tech-help calls but even that's to high of a name for him. He's a lowlife who feeds off of beliebers hate and can't recive the message that nobody actually likes him. His hair looks like a dirty mop from a high schools janitor closet and hes so pale he could be considered albino. He's currently hated by 48+ Million people, Justin Bieber, Milk Tyson and the rest of #FAM. He's going no where and has been stuck in the same routine for the past five years. #HelpDrakeBell
Person 1: Did you see Drake Bells tweet?
Person 2: Drake who?

Person 1: Drake Bell.

Person 2: Sorry. I only know of Taco-bell.

Person 1: He played Drake off of Drake and Josh.
Person 2: Oh. I liked Josh better anyways.
by ihatedrakebell January 16, 2014
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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The hottest actor under the age of 20. He's been in eveything from Sienfeld, to High Fidelity to Drake & Josh.
Drake Bell is hot!
by Natalie K sez HEY April 13, 2004
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an actor who not only acts, but sings as well! plus he has his own show..the drake and josh show!
woah that drake bell can really sing, lemme go out and buy his cd
by jessie t April 14, 2004
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One of the stars of the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh. Very sexy boy.
Remember Drake from that one episode of Home Improvement?
by MLG March 25, 2005
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A beautiful young man whom id make a shrine about
" omg did you see that new episode of drake and josh, drake bell looked so hot!!!"
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by Sammiwammi August 08, 2017
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Incredibly hot actor and singer. He will come to NY someday and me and my friends are booking him for the night.
Drake Bell is mine...hes really hot. LUV YA!!
by Nadia June 08, 2004
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