Aubrey Drake Graham, drizzy, or Drake. An amazing rapper who has songs like "forever", "I'm on one", "Marvin's Room", and "Headlines". He teamed up with a bunch of other amazing rappers such as Lil Wyane, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj and many more, to form the group Young Money. Anyone who doesn't like his music either doesn't like rap, is completely out of there mind, or has been living under a rock. The only thing that brings Drake down is his starting career on Dagrassi as Jimmy.
Ex: "Dude did you hear that new Drake song?"
"Have you been living under a rock?"
by Sk8rgirl21 October 16, 2011
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A form of third wheel. Will actively include themselves in you and your partner's activities. They are typically single themselves. And are commonly bisexual or gay. They are very outgoing and are usually the life of the party. They are close friends with the male in the relationship, but have more understanding and are more open to the female.
He did it again. Drake showed up "on accident" again. I saw him standing there staring and waving at us excitedly.
by Gibi wolfjay555 February 24, 2017
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Fat piece of shit who eats everything in sight and will break into your home just for food and will rape you kids mouths
I shall a Drake in my house at 1 AM and I shot it with my shot gun.
by Queenofmouthpieces December 17, 2016
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The greatest rapper of this generation! Born in Toronto, California in 1986! Toronto is also known as "The Six" and Drake is known as the "Six God"
Hey man have you heard that new Drake song?!?! It was fire! He's a legend!
via giphy
by Rb1664 August 29, 2016
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From the Drake and Lil Wayne single "Miss Me" D.r.a.k.e. or Drake's name stands for "Do Right, And Kill Everything"
wanna be rapper:whats poppin slime
cohort: just livin, straight d.r.a.k.e., you know!
by cgrant05 February 02, 2012
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A unit of gnarlyness.
Originating from the French Alps.
Used to measure/quantify any physical endeavour.
Abbreviated (D!)
Person 1: "How big is it?"

Person 2: "errr, 10 Drake's"

Person 1: "Sweet, dropping."
by TheGrandFatherOfAllKnowledge June 17, 2010
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Drake is an emotion you feel when you think about your ex. You can also feel drake when you drive.
Feeling Drake- very emotional and soft
I can't believe what she did to me. I've been draken' all day and she doesn't even know it.
by Buncha Bandz March 15, 2015
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The new Mr. Steal Yo Girl
Drake stole Rihanna and K-whateves from Chris. No one's girl is safe
by Trappunzel December 07, 2014
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