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An amazing male lover who gives the female extremely unbearable pleasure. Some great Dr. Loves include Gene Simmons of KISS and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.
They call me
Dr. Love!
They call me Dr. Love
Calling Dr. Love!
by Dr. Love December 29, 2003
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One who, in some way, helps people find and keep love.
Guy 1: Man I need a girl like your girl...
Guy 2: You know who hooked me up right?
Guy 1: Nah man, who?
Guy 2: Dr. Love!
by RealLove December 13, 2012
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One of most egotistical people in the Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic community. DrLove got his start in clan smile, where he racked up losses before deciding that he wanted to make a clan with his sister, whom is also his lover.

He created T4R, which racked up more losses and made DrLove cry. Not content to give up his life long ambition of leading a top 5 TFC clan, DrLove created Omnipotence which sucked even worse than T4R and smile combined.

Since it's inception, DrLove (see also Hitler), has lead Omnipotence with an iron fist, he's notorious for such acts as the OnePerfectTear raping, the Occidio files and the Light_dud incident. DrLove's favorite clan is SMP, because they tore Omnipotence a new hole and are much better than them. This made DrLove contemplate suicide.

In his spare time, DrLove enjoys inserting his one inch penis into small furry animals, and soliciting sex from his sister.

See also: newbie incest pedophile whiner
DrLove cried after the loss to SMP.

Man, DrLove is such a fucking nazi.

DrLove kicked me out of the clan for NO REASON!
by SMP-named April 06, 2003
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Dr. Love thinks a relationship might work out between him and her but the chance is very small. A successful relationship is possible, but you both have to work on it. Do not sit back and think that it will all work out fine, because it might not be working out the way you wanted it to. Spend as much time with each other as possible. Again, the chance of this relationship working out is very small, so even when you do work hard on it, it still might not work out.
Dr. Love thinks a relationship might work out between Zach and Claudia, but the chance is very small.
by DrLove May 14, 2009
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