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A theory created by Hungarian pornographer Aleksendar Andon aka "Downing", that states that in order for a pornographic film to captivate the audience's attention, the introductory scene must start off with some kind of softcore foreplay (ie. caressing, touching, talking, etc.) before moving into the hardcore. According to Downing, doing otherwise would "upset the flow of the film, making the film lack a consistent tempo, and ruining its realism". The Downing Theory was introduced to the Eastern European porn underground in the 2006 Spring edition of the Hungarian porn magazine "Buda-Sex" (Buda being short for Budapest, the capitol of Hungary).
In order to make this film commercial, we must implement the Downing Theory before getting into the main scenes.

Men and women alike implement The Downing Theory into their everyday, non pornographic, sex lives.
by IgorSaskayev March 29, 2009
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