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A fairly obscure name from eastern Europe, but nonetheless everybody with this name is considered more talented than God. People with the name Andon can make females swoon and men turn homosexual with just a smile. Individuals with this name are renowned as being talented and respected in whatever fields they pursue. Men with this name are often single but not because they cant get women but because most women are not good enough for them.
As Andon stepped onto the dancefloor all the ladies had an orgasm which lasted for hours.
by WuTangTdot May 23, 2013
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Andon is a very sexy kid. He is usually very athletic and make you feel awesome. Usually they are good at football and baseball. If you ever meet an Andon stay around him cause he is very sexy.
Dayuummmmmm he is such an Andon.
by Dank memes17832 June 11, 2018
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Andon is a very hard worker. He is good at whatever he puts his mind to and is very intelligent. Andon is usually a name associated with being sexy, but Andon is more of a charming jock rather than a sexy European. He is good in school and is in higher classes than most as well as playing a sport and doing charity events when there are ones to participate in. He is very funny and has a lot of friends. Although Andon is very kind hearted and sweet, he is an absolute coward. Andon is absolutely terrified of saying things straight and will ghost your ass if you step out of your shell first. He can also be very creepy at times. I think some mistake his creepiness for sexiness when in reality him staring at you is out of his own cowardice and misdirection. This fool is usually horrific at texting and will respond in a minimum of a full 24 hours after you said something simple. He may have nice shins, but you’ll want to kick them after he apologizes for leaving you on read and then do the same thing in an hour. Be careful around an Andon because he will surely lead you on and then not give you a straight answer after you ask him how he truly feels.
Emily: “Man, Andon was staring at me in the hallway. He even fixed is hair. Should I confess?”
Samantha: “Yeah you totally should!”
Ashly: “Hey Emily likes you”
Andon: “Yeah let’s not talk about that.”
by dickjollydick June 27, 2019
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andon is typically out going when he see the lady he wants but when he gets her he will ignore her ass .andons typically have little wieners that they like to share. They will leave you on open through all hours of the night while there snap score will go up .when u ask him about feelings he will give blunt answers and then ghost your ass .
cassandra:”andon i like u too”
*week later*

by littlerichrich June 28, 2019
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