To be douchin is to be totally awesome, and is the antonym of douche. I made it up, and with you help it will catch on, trust me.

For example, "That rich bastard was being a total douche before, but he had this totally douchin dog that jumped over a flight of stairs during the hurricane and slid 10 feet! It was the coolest dog ever."
by Konrad with a K September 13, 2008
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A word used to describe a total dick. Often used by leekin people. Someone who is "douchin" it up would mean that they are being an extreme douche bag, stuck up, and rude. Another Way it would be used is a way to describe someone on how they look or act.
Andrew is douchin it up.
Ronald Mcdonald is douchin because of his clown suit.
That douchin douche bag stole my catnip!
Hosster is douchin.
by Nannie Two By Four January 19, 2006
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an adjective used to describe someone who is an asshole or who is arrogant
wow look at the douchin man in the convertable
yea, bill gates is pretty douchin
youre a douchin young man
by treeev January 01, 2006
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