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Someone who got off with a male transvestite thinking they were getting off with a woman has been doubtfired.
So called after Mrs Doubtfire, a crazy transvestite that mothers a couple of kids who think its a real woman but a peculiar one.
In the nightclub where Mike is totally tanked up on lager and rum.
Guys Mike has got his hand on its ass look look come now look,
OOOOOH he is leaving with it - sheeeeit he is gonna get doubtfired sometime between now and monday
by Rockafellatio August 28, 2007
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A combination of the sexual act of ejaculating on a woman's face and her screaming out "HELLOOOOOO!!" in a British accent.

Usually reserved for particularly creamy loads.
Billy - "Yo, Sally was a freak so I doubtfired that bitch"

Bobby - "I didn't know Sally was British..."

Billy - "she's not"

Bobby - "ohhhh shiiieeet"
by Water Buffalo January 26, 2014
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