When bad luck turn worse two fold or more. Twice as bad. Derived from getting a fist in your ass being a negative thing.
Not only did I get randomly selected to get gateraped but I also missed my flight home. I was double-fisted again when they told me the next flight won't be until tomorrow afternoon.
by Hadit Cumming December 21, 2010
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anytime both (or two of three) flags are removed by a defender from the ball carrier's belt in a game of flag football resulting in a down or dead ball
Phil took the hand off and ran it to the 20 yard line where he was double fisted for a first down.
by wadeword November 08, 2008
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Searched at an airport.
Getting pulled over by the police and have another cop car pull up to help search your car.
The term come from officer searching a suspect then stick there hand up the suspects ass in search of evidence.
Dude, I got pulled over then double fisted by the cops.
by Echappy November 29, 2006
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