Expression used to describe somebody at a party, bar or restaurant, holding two drinks, one in each hand. Unlike single fisting, which most people do.
He had to wait too long for the barkeeper to take his order, so he decided to double fist.

That loser, he is now double fisting for half an hour. She will never come back from the restroom.

Can you double fist for me? I have to go and have a smoke.(NYC/CA)
by atlantic March 31, 2004
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The act of drinking two drinks at once, holding one in each hand.
Darth is so hammered...He's been double fisting all night.
by PookieRVT March 31, 2010
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somebody who is a tank at a party and whats to get drunk fast, will go around drinking not one can but 2 one in each hand,thus creating the term double fisting
zac-man did u see giorgiD last night
friend- yea bro he was double fisting like a motherfucka
giorgiD- eyy what can i say, thats the only way to do it
by ravski August 04, 2007
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1. When drinking, to hold one drink in either hand, usually beer cans.

2. when fingering a girl, and getting both fists in her vagina. a rare occurence, but an impressive feat if accomplished.
In Edward 40-Hands, participants double fist 40's.

Dude, lets all watch the game and double fist!

Dude, me and shandy were foolin' around last night and i double fisted that whore.
by J. Benson January 13, 2007
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The act of placing both fists in the vagina or anus simultaneously, or one fist in each.

See fist and jomo
When jomo was getting double fisted he cried at first, but then liked it.
by Hannahs January 29, 2005
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