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When someone screws you over in a big way.
Raul stole all my weed then smoked it!

He fucking Double Dicked me big time.
by IIIXXVII March 09, 2018
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When you're being a little bit of a dick, perhaps even unintentionally, and in order to point it out to you someone is way more of a dick than you were in the first place.

also: outdicked, overdicked, dick-trumped
"I posted on my facebook wall that I'm looking forward to moving to New Orleans and leaving San Francisco, and homeboy got offended and commented 'Oh yeah, you're sooo much better than everyone in San Francisco.' He totes doubledicked me."
by kozilla August 19, 2011
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When a man is having sex with 2 women ( cheating on 2 women )
Woman 1:"John you double dicked Bastard"
Woman 2:" yeah john, what the hell is wrong with you I thought you loved me"
John: " firstly I want a divorce, secondly fuck you all"
by Mr Poopy But Hole June 24, 2017
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