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A four or five string stand up acoustic instrument that hardly gets the recognition it deserves.
1.The double bassist in that jazz group kicked major ass!

2.The double bass section in that orchestra kicked major ass!
by Donnie Jay June 10, 2003
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The double bass is one of the most versatile instruments i know of. Classical and jazz, plucked or bowed, It sounds great and is the foundation of any orchestra or group.
Listen to the heavy sound from the doublebass!
by patrick wilder December 21, 2004
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A multifunctional device capable of harmonising and keeping the beat in modern music.

After a few beers serves as a wide range weapon that uneducated people refer to as a "club". Perfect for the booed performer!

Plywood basses are softer, both in terms of sound and weapon rating. You are more likely to be booed on a plywood bass and will tend to break more often when used as a weapon. Get a hardwood bass - easier to knock you enemies out.
The mad musician played double bass all night. A smart arse told him his mother was ugly so he swung his double bass at him making a big thump accompanied by a melodic bass line.
by Rick Tankard August 03, 2005
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it's a sex position that involves shagging a girl from behind, reaching under her hips to play with her clit with one hand and reaching up to play with her tits with the other.

for best results, a height difference of 6" or more is recommended, probably best no to try this if you're a short fella and she's a basketball player!
i'm going to play her like a double bass
by jack_1 March 13, 2007
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A type of drum pedal that consists of a right foot pedal attached at the bass drum at the hoop and connected by a rod to a left foot pedal. Used in lieu of buying two bass drums. Utilizes one of three drives.
Tim Alexander has good foot work on his double bass
by JOHN!!! September 03, 2003
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The act of playing with a girls tits and budgie's tongue at the same time. The sounds produced may be slightly different to that of the stringed instrument, however
Tom was playing the double bass on Sarah when her father came home unexpectedly.
by Spookyonion April 28, 2005
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