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Dot Not Feathers is a description that differentiates between the two "Indian" possibilities. "Dot" refers to the Indian that comes from India (the word "dot" refers to the forehead festoonery that represents the third eye in the Hindu Religion). The word "Feathers" is descriptive of the American Indian who use feathers to accessorize their cranium.
The Indians (dot not feathers) are good businessmen - they own a lot of motels. On the other hand the Indians (feathers not dot) are even better businessmen, they own casinos where the dots gamble.
by Big Hugh Jardon May 27, 2009
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1. Person from India, not American Indian. Use with hand motion of finger to forehead then four fingers behind head.
Shim is Indian, dot not feather.
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
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