Dot Not Feathers is a description that differentiates between the two "Indian" possibilities. "Dot" refers to the Indian that comes from India (the word "dot" refers to the forehead festoonery that represents the third eye in the Hindu Religion). The word "Feathers" is descriptive of the American Indian who use feathers to accessorize their cranium.
The Indians (dot not feathers) are good businessmen - they own a lot of motels. On the other hand the Indians (feathers not dot) are even better businessmen, they own casinos where the dots gamble.
by Big Hugh Jardon May 27, 2009
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1. Person from India, not American Indian. Use with hand motion of finger to forehead then four fingers behind head.
Shim is Indian, dot not feather.
by Bud E Love May 16, 2003
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A question that is asked when someone refers to an Indian, to clarify what kind of Indian.
Dude, I totally fucked this Indian chick up the ass last night!

Cool bro, dot or feather?

Dot, that's why my dick smells like curry farts!
by OttParts March 24, 2011
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A very common response to any sentence that includes the word "Indian". It is to distinguish the indigenous peoples of India from the Native Americans.
Intellectual person #1 "So I was talking to my Indian acquaintance last night...."

Intellectual person #2 "Dotted or feathered?"

Intellectual person #1 "Definitely dotted."
by NecroAssassin9 December 8, 2014
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When discussing Indians there is often confusion about who you're talking about, native Americans or people from India. To clarify the matter you can ask, "Dot or feather?" The feather refering to native Americans or dot, referring to the red dot worn by Indian women.
Judy said, "I was downtown and a large group of Indians were in the park."
Chesney replied, "Indians? Dot or feather?"
Judy replied, "Feathers."

Steve said, "There's a new Indian TV channel on Direct."
Tilt replied, "Dot or feather?"
Steve, "Dot, lots of dots."
by MR WOLF September 7, 2007