Doron is a smart guy. He is incredibly handsome and very muscular. He is filled with motivation and is very persistent. He has an exceptionally humane heart, and is open with regards to communicating what he needs to do. He won't demonstrate how he really feels until the minute comes when you choose to isolate yourself from him. He is persistent. He thinks that its simple to profit and remain on same tasks for a considerable length of time, or until they are finished.
Doron is such an amazing person.
by Mjl (jl) May 4, 2019
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cool dude who is nice and doesnt get mad and speedruns getting over it and cant beat pogostuck and also is cool and plays the saxophone and is good at art and is cool. Also a nice jewish boy
man doron is cool and nice and all the other things I said
by urmomlastnighturmome December 29, 2022
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This kid who goes to great mills high school. He stay getting money. He lives in st.marys county and bitches stay sycing him..orginaly from italy military parentsand the orginator of the curl. He Stays strapped no one wants to fuck with him. He really was bored and wanted to put myself on here.
Boy: Man I hate that nigga doron
Other Boy: dont fuck with him he stay getting money and stayed strapped.

Bitch1: oh theres Doron
Bitch2: lets syce him.

Curlboy: everyone check out my curl Everyone: doron been had that and his is dick rider nigga
by Doron1992 May 18, 2008
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Kind sweet and awesome at gaming
Wow how did you beat that level? You are such a Dorone
by Awesome:)(:( March 1, 2017
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Sexy pig in a blanket commonly used for parties at the Playboy Mansion.
Rob: Hey Joe, look at the dorons over here next to the playmates!
Joe: Oh yeah! I see them lets have a taste...
by Doron Schneider November 8, 2007
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a person who needs to brush their teeth and stop having oral sex.
A mouth reaking of dirty genitals, or old steak chunks or food.
person one: "ah dude your breath is bad"
person two:
"god i was blowing Ben all night and forgot to brush my teeth, a hardcore case of doron breath"
by TakeEmALL October 26, 2011
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