The frothy, yet spreadable, nutricious butter that comes from the booty after a night of freakiness.
My dookie butter was all up on that shit! Prepare for the second coming!!!
by boobooboobooboo December 18, 2009
When someone is bad at something they would be referred as dookie butter trash.
My guy, your aim is Dookie Butter!
by M4RSHM4N_H0UR December 8, 2020
The mixture of semen and 💩 poop
Randy and Billie exchanged dookie butter practicing for the felching festival.
by A-Pdiddy™ February 7, 2019
When a male has blonde highlights in their hair.

Also means poop.
Dude, you look like a G'Wad when you have that dookie butter in your hair.

I dropped some dookie butter.
by Checkmate11 February 24, 2007
The action of unclogging a toilet with a plunger after having watery diarrhea
"I heard you got a job at Taco Bell?"
"Yeah its all shits and giggles until I have to start Churning the Dooky Butter"
by Captain Dooky January 9, 2014