A hunky Italian man with a heart of gold and balls of steel. His sexy bod and natural athleticism make all the ladies melt. But he’s not just a tasty piece of Italian pastrami, he’s also as sweet as cannoli cream, and a hero amongst zeros. He is a natural born protector of those he loves, so take caution not to cross him, for he will summon his mob buddies and give you a nice pair of cement shoes.
Oh Donato, you are such a sexy Italian stud.

Did you see Donato? He just did 100 pull-ups without even trying.

Mmm, this cannoli is as delicious as Donato glazed in sugar.
by CeBone11 December 15, 2017
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Beast of a person...always has a hot bod, and is always looking to tan and show it off, also is great with the ladies, but tends to screw up everything at the last minute, enjoys spking his hair, and working out, but overall just a guido juice head.
Person 1: Dude did you see that kid with the designs shaved in the sides of his head?

Person 2: Yea, he was such a Donato...
by Pumpit101 February 7, 2011
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The almighty Donato. God in disguise, only normies wouldn't understand!
The almighty Donato has spoken. Veggie Tales Manga is a good idea.
by Shadow_Wolf9006 November 7, 2019
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An overly hairy young male that shows symptoms of autism with no medical proof. Also tends to be mistaken as a homeless man. May tend spit on you while talking to you due to an overactive saliva gland. Also likes to smack out from the back. When in a physical altercation tends to make its own sound affects orally when striking an object such as BOOOMMM!!
They assumed Michael J. Fox had a case of Donato, but upon further testing came to the conclusion that he has Parkinson's disease.

Ex.: As a young child, Nick was dropped on his head by his mother, thus causing him to become a Donato.

Ex.: Mike Tyson got his Donato on.

Ex.: Rampage Jackson was thought to be clinnically insane but was later proved to have Donato syndrom.

Ex.: Teen wolf was a Donato.

Ex.: Golum From lord of the rings was rumored to be a Donato. So was Kreacher from Harry Potter.
by Raphi Dema January 20, 2011
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a person slightly resembling a ninja turtle, who enjoys popping his collar and wearing 1892. In his free time he enjoys drinking jagerbombs, perfecting his blowout and hanging out with fuckin skanks with crabs and stds. He can usually be found with people with the same haircut and also with popped collars.
Wow, that kid is such a donato
by John donato June 19, 2008
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a "woman" who could likely be mistaken for the man of a lesbian relationship
what..donatos NOT a dyke??? wtf happened there
by phuck January 10, 2005
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1.The dumbest fuck you can find.
2.Being repeatedly hit in the balls.
"Man,stop acting like such a Kieth Donato!"

"Damn, you just totaly Kieth Donatoed him in the balls!"
by Duffman November 19, 2004
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