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when woman has to use man or vice versa for a sex healing practice, due from vagina suffering tampon tear, the penis being distraught in itself from too much condoms or bruised, or just outright not healthy, or vagina bruise from pap smear metal rod that some girls are allergic to, or after being washed from being exposed to harmful gases, alchohol, or other substances.
I can't believe that sometimes we need to use a butterfly donation to keep or privates sparkling.....

Without a butterfly donator everyone knew her clit would've been a camel toe or maybe inside out.
by europopian August 23, 2009
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That's not Thatcher. He knows japanese and sleeps anywhere (including your bedroom). He streams us cool movies and initiates furry study rooms.He is friends with the one of the coolest people on earth, Himari <3.
Thank you Donat.
Christmas Donat and Himari are friends :D
by vikachou October 17, 2021
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something nice to do for humanity, especially if you have a less common blood type, or a rare one.

go figure out your full blood type (what's your rh, do you know?), and donate. make it a cool bonding activity that you do with your friends, family, significant other(s), teammates or co-workers, for the good of others...then go brag about it online to make it even more popular, but also to feel better about your selflessness, get those virtual applause and boost your level in the merciless world of online presence.

this can also be a motivator to keep yourself healthier (read it how you see fit, focus on what matters). would you want someone to get bad blood? obviously not! do regular blood check-ups.

also, check before you donate if you can. sometimes you might not be the best person to do so, for example, if you have low blood pressure, just got a tattoo or other skin procedures (wait 6 months), smoke pot sometimes (get clean first, you have bigger issues, you are making your brain mush), take diet pills or other medication that you should not, etc.
blood donation impasse:

Doug: why should i give MY blood away? i need it.
Reason: coward!
by wokeup2this July 11, 2022
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You know you might see abc to donate in welcome To bloxburg alot of times

Jake: Abc To Donate!
Jack: abc to donate plz!
They Say It Like *Abc To Donate!*

Or *Abc To Donate Plz!* Then Spam Abc To Donate When Nobody Donates.
by JellyHopz_RBLX April 4, 2022
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