I did a "Donald Trump" painting my room. I'll have to redo it.

Everyone did a "Donald Trump" on the exam, so the teacher is letting us retake it.
by Freklez13 July 31, 2020
1. A former real estate mogul and TV personality who, through a campaign based on ethno-nationalism and anti-establishmentarianism, somehow managed to become the 45th President of the United States of America.

2. An old, narcissistic ignoramus.
You only ever think about yourself. You're such a Donald Trump!
by gdex November 8, 2017
An intellectually slowed human being that wants to build a wall. Also he is an orange.
Donald Trump? Doesn’t he have autism?
by DeathFaced January 20, 2018
An orange headed cunt who is poisoning the minds of young Americans into believing that Mexicans are the source of most of our problems when in reality they're doing much less harm than we are to each other.
Donald Trump decided to spend billions of dollars building a wall, instead of using that money on improving the education system and homeless situation. What a fucking idiot
by Dubiks January 31, 2019