The real star of Viva La Bam.A grotesque
looking man,prone to frequent outbursts,
which leads to him screaming in an unknown language.Famous for some real odd things on his body,a rotted toenail,
a crater on his back,skin grapes hanging
out of his one pit,an eerie,unfocused
eye and his famous collection of chins.
I look forward to his hilarious antics
when he has to deal with the usual array
of shit from this group of brain dead
idiots,ransacking his house,shredding
his belongings,destroying his cars..etc.
Don Vito is here to stay,the world needs
a scallopini eating junkie,scooter driving wildman.
He's loud,he's fat and he's proud...if
you can understand what the hell he's
saying.He's Don Vito,the new man in town...He drives a kick ass scooter,hangs at the bar at Antonio's,
has a Springsteen tattoo on his ass and
eats some pretty rancid shit...He's
always ready to call the cops and has
a mother with a smoldering fuse and
crazy eyes...Vinny the chin,Chinzilla,
more to come...
by Getch June 28, 2005
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Vincent "Don Vito" Margera is a reality television star from Viva La Bam. He's Brandon "Bam" Margera's uncle and Phil Margera's brother. He is a rather large specimen who boasts such qualities as a lazy eye, no front teeth, a raw area on his foot, a rotted toenail, skin tags in his armpits, a dented back, an exceptionally large beer belly, and an enormous double chin. Vito is a member of the CKY crew, and he seems to fit in very well with Bam and his friends, all of whom are at least half of Vito's age. Don Vito is most famous for his indistinguishable speech. When he gets upset or excited, he begins to babble incoherently and will continue to babble for quite some time, often stopping only when he gets what he wants (money, beer, food, nice girls, a new car, etc).
1. Bam: That's not Spanish!
Don Vito: It is too spaglee buh gabble guh Taco Bell was on the menu!

2. Phil: Are you sure you didn't fart or anything?
Don Vito: Ya ya Phil ya gott ya ya feel a ten field goat a tin a feel a wheel a bell!

3. Don Vito: I am Abudabu gandadint gav beer annin aahgahtago Istanbul I got no luggage.
by Captain Howdy April 20, 2007
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going don vito is to start babbling incoherently to the point where it cannot be translated. words become grunts and sounds such as seen on viva la bam when don vito becomes angry or excited
yeah bill was trying to tell a story then he went all don vito
by BATWINGS_07 July 31, 2006
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The act of having seizure symptoms and uncontrollable slurring of words due to hearing/witnessing something horribly unbelievable.
D. Teg: "Uly, all the Carl's Jrs closed down, they're out of business!"

Uly: (shaking Violently) "OOHHHHwhatsjdhANALWHOREsjdbFUCkkwhwqkjh"

D. Teg: "are you having a Fat Attack or a Don Vito moment?"
by D.Teg December 09, 2009
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the uncle of skateboarder bam margera. he is incredibly funny, fat, nasty, has a lazy eye, and has skin tags. don vito enjoys hooters, veal scalopini, and antonios.
"You guys are a bunch of Vulcan idiots."

" He's got no tiddly just joogle, you can't just goat duggle. Hammer and nail and hammer, something and expect it to grow! Beglat you've got these idiots... Sitting hernwhaga ehhhm, just sitting glawhahwaglahhh. What they're doing?"

"Now you've got my eyes covered with ice-en-ning!"

"...itza stupid kazixta stupid country, datzall i know!"

"I dunno what's on the car! Haargh-di-ah you take points before, now you're asking all these questions!"

by clevelandsteamer July 20, 2005
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Where 1 is engaging in sexy time with a woman, just before ejaculation the man pulls out and ejaculates in his hand, then proceeds to slap the woman on the forhead whilst shouting 'YOHHHHHHHH!'
Man, i just don vito'd jess rotten, she'll be screaming for weeks! Yohhhhhh!
by YohHatton January 27, 2007
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The "Godfather" Don Vito Corleone is the head of the Corleone Family in the first Godfather film, he is played by Marlon Brando, then in the second Godfather film he is played by a young Robert DeNiro.
by Pornicipus November 28, 2007
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