A gentle dominant woman. A woman who will just hold you until kingdom come. A woman that will spoon you when you're cold and kiss your neck to make you shiver. A woman that will love you for who you are while staying having that wonderful quality of dominance that subby males crave. A woman that will let you use her tits as a pillow. A woman that will wrap you in your thighs or sit in your face and make you feel loved and wanted. A perfect woman.
Man I wish a had a dommy mommy to be spooned by rn.
by Apush hater 123 October 29, 2021
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A dominant woman who will cuddle you, ask you about your day, and make sure you're a good boy. If you misbehave, she will punish you however she feels fit. A dommy mommy is something every submissive and breedable man wants.
My girlfriend made me beg for her to get off without a punishment, she's such a dommy mommy.
by bubble gum :) July 12, 2022
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A dominant but caring girlfriend or lover, will whip your ass but kiss it to make the boo boos go away.
Guy 1: Dude my gf stepped all over me yesterday!
Guy 2: Did she change your diapers though?
Guy 1: Yeah!
Guy 2: Damn, what a dommy mommy.
by Amumu__ September 5, 2019
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A woman, typically a partner who is dominant in all aspects. She will make sure you are safe and nothing happens to you and she will always be by your side regardless of what happens. Dommy Mommies will be nice to you but will make sure to peg you if you are not being a good boy, or if they just feel like it.

Dommy is putting dominant and mommy together to form Dommy, however Dommy Mommy is also used which means the same thing, it rhymes so it sounds better.
Guy 1: My girlfriend cuddled me all night and kept me warm.
Guy 2: You must have a real Dommy Mommy.
by Average Viber July 17, 2021
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Dommy mommy is a sexy animal often occuring in ones dream cooking in the kitchen. Dommy mommies also have stretchy chickens.
Dommy Mommy gave me a rubber chicken.
by boobymoomy January 1, 2022
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A highly intuitive, caring woman who is naturally dominant in a maternal kind of way. This could be a vanilla, professional relationship or both.

It is important to clearly negotiate when entering an into a relationship with a Dommy mommy and be ready to keep your promises.

She expects to be respected, cherished, the promises her partners make to be kept and for there to be loyalty to her. In return, she will be the most supportive, loving, helpful partner you could ask for. A lot of times she is also open to kink and helping in a dominant role there as well. (Spanking and adult diapering for instance). She has no tolerance for fools, players, oath breakers and con artists . More loving and caring than a dominatrix. A truly wonderful woman.
My complete love and loyalty is with my precious Dommy mommy, who makes my life better.
by Mom42 October 2, 2022
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