A term used to denote the currency unit used within the Commonwealth of Australia. Often used as in its plural form, as “dollarydoos”, after a set number of currency units to specify its value as legal tender. Notably used in The Simpsons, Season 6, Episode 16 “Bart vs. Australia”.
“Nine hundred dollarydoos?! Tobias! Did you accept a six-hour collect call from the States?”

“Hey mate, do you have a spare dollarydoo?”
by moobm'n August 5, 2017
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The legal term for the currency used in Australia.

A brief history: After all of the British criminals were banished to Australia the inhabitants subsisted on a barter system with themselves and the indigenous kangaroo population.

Unfortunately, the bartering system had its limitations so an alternative form of trading needed to be used.

There were many types currency used prior to the adoption of dollarydoos such as boomerangs, kangaroo eggs, and koala hats with the latter being the most popular and accepted.

Due to labor disputes with the koala unions, the koalas were not producing enough hats and a supply shock took place. Many Strayans walked about hatless.

The founding fathers a huge threat about to take hold of the economy from all sides of Straya from Keenslan to Pyurthee.

Sam the man and horny Henry stepped in and started passing around slips of paper with the $ written on them saying they should be treated as replacements for hats.

Blokes that refused to accept the currency would find Sam at their home in bed w their wife until they came around.

In no time, the economy roared back to life. The name dollarydoo was adopted because as a way to fight against forgery, Sam would stick his thumb down under, then wipe a brown smudge on every print such that people all over could verify the authenticity of the bill, and anyone who tried to create a fake would be immediately sniffed out.

Thus, concludes the history of the AUD (AUstralian Dollarydoo).
"that'll be 2 dollarydoos, mate"

"yous better be paying me back in dollarydoos or else yer face'll be pashin'my fist yous will."

"that bloody Bogan just tol me here's five dollars when he paid for his drink he did."

" if you ain't got those dollarydoos for me by tomorrow's, yous gonna be a screamin' dollarydonts, mate"
by RealFakeHistorian June 14, 2021
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Slang for the basic monetary unit in a video game or any monetary unit in reality. Often used by gamers and those who like to rhyme.
Look, a dollarydoo.

That didgeridouchebag spent all his dollarydoos at the bar and missed his flight home.

I don't have a single dollarydoo to my name.

I'm all out of dollarydoos.
by Carlosmagnus September 6, 2012
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