When you are at home instead of doing the shit your fucking suppose, you decide to be a smart ass and go on fuckin MySpace all up in here like I CAN DO THIS ISH LATA and you end up failing in that class and feel like a huge piece of dog shit. Basically, every teenager's day to day life.
Mom: Billy, what are ya doin?
Billy: oh, I'm " Doing my Homework"
by Thatgaypieceofshit March 10, 2018
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The act of being on facebook or myspace and doing your homework at the same time, only to realize hours later you have gotten no homework done.

A state of denial. Convincing yourself you are multitasking on the computor.

Convincing yourself you are doing something productive.
parent: what are you doing on the computor so long??
child: I'm doing my homework on the computor!!
by VistosoNBetty March 22, 2009
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do it you lazy shit

it's due in 15 minutes and you've written a sentence haven't ya
"i dont wanna do my homework"
"what homework?"
by _xephyr May 19, 2022
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When you're literally on youtube or urban dictionary submitting definitions when you should probably start writing your essay due in three hours.
You thinking to yourself: Man, I've been using my precious minutes playing 2048 and snake though such has never seemed as interesting when I wasn't supposed to be doing homework. Gosh Fesfhck, I should be doing my homework right now. AAAAAÁAÆhhhhahaaaaaaahhhhhh.
by BigFatDuck January 25, 2020
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Euphemism for the act of masturbation, usually given by someone who has never taken German in their life
Randy: Just finished my doing my German homework.
Steve: Right on man
Alice: But you aren't in German
by venus88 September 21, 2009
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