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Used to describe the behaviour of someone who is always in a grump, unable to enjoy even the simplist things in life
"Stop doing a dave on me" she said to the very grumpy faced person in the corner
by *emma* November 04, 2006
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When you miss the drop zone
Oh no! He’s missed the drop zone!

What? Again? Are you serious H?

Yep... afraid so. He’s done a dave.

Wow. Doing a dave again.
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by CoolHand18 March 30, 2018
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Doing a Dave is when the main instigator of a night out gets wasted and disappears home early on said night out after persuading everyone it's a good idea to go out. This usually involves Turbo Shandy and cider.
I'm totally wasted man!

Are you doing a Dave?
by moleman2001 January 08, 2012
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Doing a Dave is when while playing Halo, someone gets shot with a Spartan Laser but doesn't die straight away.
This count for multiple hits on the player.
Pete: Did you see that shot? You should have died
Dave: I know
Pete: Yeah, you were Doing a Dave!
by new_messiah October 11, 2010
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Doing a Dave is where somebody takes control of the music, plays progressive songs that are boring as fuck e.g BT but claims they are "classic" and was once played at the start of a set.

To cap it off the person doing the Dave will only play 20 seconds of a song before going off on a tangent to a totaly different song.
For fucks sake this guy is doing a Dave, I want to hear a whole song not just 20 seconds of it
by Zavi Mace November 18, 2017
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