1. An unruly group of individuals (guys) who collaboratively form a brotherhood through much disruptive behavior, manly adventures and hang outs, and getting laid far to rarely. Members of the group will often bark like dogs and scare of females unintentionally and intimidate other guys that fit the "Chad" stereotype. This group does not usually concern themselves with complying with the latest fashions or rules. In fact, this behavior is encouraged. The diet of these individuals consists of large amounts of fast food, meat, microwaveable items, and cheap alcohol. Despite their unhealthy choices, they maintain higher than average muscle mass though lifting heavy logs, kegs, and snowmobiles; along with the frequent wrestling matches with other members and participation in mountain sports. The occasional fist fights and engaging in sexual intercourse with overweight mountain sluts are other sources of these members' great power.

2. An area that is occupied by the previously described members. This place is quite uncleanly and polluted with smells of garbage, farts, bad breath, and smoke. This atmosphere deters unwanted house guests and is pleasing to their associates. This area may move or have satellite locations such as a rugged cabin in the woods.
Bric Shithouse is the epitome of a dog pound member. He is frequently seen driving his pick-up truck while chewing tobacco. If you see a rough looking guy barking and wearing a cutoff exposing his "Ride Pow" tattoo and addresses you by saying "hey brother," it is most likely him. He is likely to be found at Powerstop, Mt. Crested Butte, or playing Xbox at the Dog Pound. He is very tenacious and will not back down from larger men, women, or beasts. He charms girls with his "award winning smile" and "majestic hair" and keeps his condoms in a GI Joe lunchbox.
by theamericanduff October 12, 2013
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Nickname given to an all-girls-school where the majority of girls are ugly, slutty and/or bitchy. (Refering to them as 'dogs')
by annejoe10@hotmail.com August 11, 2006
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Pity sex with a rather unattractive lass.
Myrtle was going to hang herself with some cheese wire so, I took the liberty of dog pounding her.
by The zoo keeper September 02, 2012
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The act of urinating on ones fist, and then punching someone in the face.
Dude my face smells like piss, I think that guy dog pounded me!
by Dog Pound Daddy March 07, 2020
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When engaging in intercourse from behind with a vegetarian, vegan, or otherwise eating-compromised female, force the subject to eat a raw 32 oz. beef tenderloin...and like it.
I was nailing my vegan girlfriend the other day and I did the Dog Pound to her. Now she has a tapeworm.
by JohnHank806 December 30, 2007
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