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Meaning King of the East, Immortal Courier, Worshipper of Talos, God of Anime, Art Thief, and Pussy Destroyer.
This man is a Doblin!
by Rob_Boss_ January 18, 2017
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The leading cause of skidmarks.

A doblin is a small, semi-protruding turd resting at the mouth of the anus such that you can't anticipate its presence until your hand—through the toilet paper—makes contact.

Removal of a doblin without smearing generally requires a delicate pinching motion.

Failure to address a doblin before standing results in heavy smudging around the anal cavity.
I tried to go dancing after Chinese last night, but a huge doblin fucked my whole night up.

I know I need more fiber when the doblins start coming out.
by scatburglar June 28, 2018
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Why is Mr. Dolan so full of shite?
The fokkah comes from Doblin!
by destouches December 19, 2004
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