Somone fit who will get the job done.
Can also be used in other ways i.e "Oh i suppose that Microwave will do the job at the end of the day".

"Ah, she'll do the job".
by Charlie Egan July 20, 2006
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verb: to thoroughly beat the crap out of an individual, usually done to make sure an individual acts as desired.
Guy 1: Yea, I can't go tonight. I've got something else going on.
Guy 2: Oh don't make me do the job on you.
Guy 1: Alright fine, I'll go.
by odnarud December 15, 2008
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To lose a match or a game. This phrase originated in professional wrestling.
The winner of the NFC East will do the job in the first round of the playoffs
by TwinFami January 03, 2020
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Another way of saying "Do Work". Taken from a exert of a season C.D of Rob and Big in which they try to find new words and one of the first things they say is Do Jobs.
Rob: Gotta do some kickys and maybe some heelys. and even a SHOVIE
Big Black: DO JOBS SON!
Sound guy: Just read the cue card...
by KaiKaine January 18, 2008
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A new hair style someone may recieve. Sometimes includes a short cut, or a complete overhall of the hair. May also refer to the hair style.
by goodriddance September 15, 2009
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