A new MTV show about pro skater Rob Dyrdek and his body guard/best friend Big Black. Big Black protects Rob from jack ass popo while Rob skates in places he's not allowed to. The two of them live together with their bull dog puppy Meaty.
"Dawg have you seen that new show Rob and Big?"

by polskamafia November 27, 2006
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In the game of beer pong, a re-rack of five cups where a row of three is placed next to a row of two cups. Also known as a zipper, but should always be called Rob and Big.
hey, give me a Rob and Big and watch me troll you.
by the big TN July 11, 2012
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possibly the best show in the universe.
It's about two very different best friends who constantly make me laugh.
Oh. And they have a skateboarding dog named Meaty.
Dude: Hey man. What's up?
Other Dude: Shut up! I'm watching Rob & Big.
Dude: whoa. It must be a pretty effing awesome show.
Other Dude: duh. Now, SHHHHH!
by some random tv junkie April 6, 2008
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the nickname for a guy named rob which is in the possession of an extraordinary big phallus can often be heard humming the theme song of the show that carry s the same name: let me tell you about my best friend
Dude#1:have you heard about that guy

Dude#2:yeah the girls call him rob & big
by that dutch guy August 14, 2008
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