This phrase is used to describe "not caring" for someone because they pissed you off
You do not exist to me, if I do not exist to you
by Thesmartslangdude June 28, 2016
i have the answer but you have to pay me 99999999999999 v-bucks to get the answer
person 1; "why do i exist?"
person 2; "pay me 99999999999999 v-bucks and i'll tell you."
by The One You Call God September 30, 2020
Possibly the most GTAish insult you can come up with.
annoying person- "hi"
you- "hello"
annoying person- "(starts talking random shit)"
you -"why do you exist?"
annoying person- "..."
by ImHell666 April 24, 2018
I don’t know. why do you exist? why do I exist? why does anything exist?
Veronica: Why do I exist?
Ember: Why would you think I know?
Veronica: Because.
by a dumb ghost :) June 24, 2021
A famous line from a song (Drip) that was believed to be Dixie's song for a while, but the real singer of this song is Klondike Blonde.
Me to a celebrity: Omg, I love your videos! May I take a picture? *comes closer to celebrity*

Celebrity: *sings* don't touch me n***a, you do not exist

Me: *walks away sadly*
by 12345678boiiiiiii January 18, 2021