A phrase from the movie "The Outsiders". Arguably the best line in the entire universe. Applicable to any situation, but must be said with the proper accent.
"Okay, I'll do it, but only for Johnny."
"Please just do it. For Johnny."
by chillocity November 5, 2011
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The most famous line in the movie "The Outsiders."Probably the best line in the whole world.Its fun to randomly shout and can be used at many oppurtunities.You should say this line at least once in your life.It will make you happy
"Gotta get even with those socs.Lets do it for Johnny man,Well do it for Johnny!"

I have to pass that test today.I have to do it for Johnny!!
by Doit4Johnny May 13, 2007
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To do the johnny is to 'keep walking', as per the slogan used by the iconic Johnny Walker whisky brands. The phrase refers to the act of continuing to walk a distance that would be otherwise traversed via a more efficient means, with the journey being the product of (often drunken) time mismanagement.
1: "bro, i dont think there is another train...the next bus is in 3 hours.."
2: "fuck, looks like we are going to have to do the johnny, and keep walking."
by Doingthejohnny December 7, 2013
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A sarcastic comment that is used when someone figures out something really obvious. An imitation of a game show host announcing that someone has given the correct answer and has won a prize that his assistant (Johnny) will specify on cue. Often preceded by "Ding ding!"
Boss: "OK everyone, Brenda Smith is going to be out on Thursday so we need someone to volunteer to fill her time slot."
Mike Hawk: "I'm available that day. I can do it."
Boss: "All righty then. I'm going to go ahead and stick Mike Hawk in her slot."
Steve: "That's what she said! Or...um...actually I mean that's what HE said!"
(everyone laughs except Jim)
Jim: "I don't get it..."
(20 seconds go by)
Jim: "Oh haha, now I get it...Mike Hawk sounds like 'my cock!' It's sexual innuendo. That's a good one."
Steve: "DING DING! What do we have for 'em, Johnny?"
by Nicholas D February 20, 2009
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