When you’re out at a restaurant and you have your eye on two different items you’d like to order but it would be too much food and the other person you’re with also has their eye on the same two dishes. You order one and they order the other and you share the dishes.
Hey I’m craving the bbq chicken quesadilla and the Margarita pizza would you like to do business with me?

Of course! I had my eye on both of those too! Let’s “do business!”
by JennyMenny March 15, 2022
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used to refer to something painful/dangerous/regrettable/otherwise negative associated with doing something you have voluntarily chosen to do and therefore implicitly accept the possible risk of.
>John: "Sorry if that round of tequila shots I ordered at the end of the night pushed you over the edge."
>Humberto: "Haha, no biggie. Cost of doing business with you man."

In this case, "doing business" refers to hanging out with John. the "cost" is the risk of getting too drunk because John likes to order tequila shots. Humberto is saying that by voluntarily hanging out with John last night, he implicitly accepted the risk of having a tequila shot served to him that may not have been a good idea but that he, in his intoxicated state, may consume anyways.
by reezydos July 13, 2014
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term used by bulby from queen of the stone age. Twist on commonly used "glad to do business with you." Switching "with" to "on" implies different meaning that may be mildly amusing to teenagers.
When used in a simple transaction:

Dealer: Here is your meth.

Customer: Okay, glad to do business on you.
by zippojoker August 26, 2009
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Slang for doing a crap
He has just gone out and is doing the business!
by Buskybunnie October 6, 2009
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He went outside and did his business on the lawn.

"Don't do your business in there!"
by Scarecrowsyn November 23, 2013
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When your ketty as fuck and nobody will let you just get on with your business
Stan *ties laces*
Archie *starts filming*
Stan: “Let me do my business”
by Suspicious T May 8, 2021
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the word describes it.
it is not its been a pleasure doing business with you, if you are reading this you know what i talkin' bout man.
Man: How much will that be?
P:200 dollars
Man: okey dokey
P: its been a business doing pleasure with you.
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