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to watch out for a member of authority while a friend is doing something illegal or stupid. when they shout dixies it means you have to stop the illegal activity and run away.
bryan was rolling a fatty so i had to keep dixies.
by CrAkHeAd1991 January 27, 2009
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Refers to women who have large areolas. The circumference of the top of a dixie cup would be comparable to the size of the areola.
LOVE Those Dixie's !!! "
by EASTERN STAR ☼ July 28, 2010
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D.I.X.Y. stands for Double. I (one in roman numarals) and XY a modern man. so it is Double plus 1 = triple XY so XXXY which is an extra femine male
omg man he is such a Dixy
by Shade ;) December 18, 2008
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Closet homosexual male from North West of England. Usually jobless, Jeremy Kyle addicts who masquerade around their lounge wearing anal love beads. Constantly accuses his male friends of being gay to camouflage his own gay passions.
Guy 1: Is that guy gay?
Guy 2: Yes. Very. He is a proper Dixy!
by NorthernNick March 31, 2017
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