Also known as Dixie is the greatest region of America and does include Missouri and Kentucky.
by Dont argue its true November 26, 2008
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A badass nation of 11 states that does not give a damn for the Yankee nation, typically referred to as The Confederate states of America. This Country also fought a 4 year long war over Stat- Slavery, people try to defend it with "Heritage Not Hate".
I wish i was in the land cotton, on times there are not forgotten! Look away, look away, look away Dixieland!
by poultry person October 9, 2020
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We could dixieland alot!
by Bashful Bay January 11, 2018
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GIVING a reach-around to your sister/cousin. Any incestuous encounter involving mounting from behind with a reach-around.
Last night I finally scored with my cousin Trina. She was super nervous until I gave her the good ol’ Dixieland Delight to calm her nerves. I think this is going to be a regular thing.
by KngRob5oh February 12, 2022
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Getting a reacharound from your sister/cousin/any other close family member.
Les Miles celebrated LSU's landmark victory by getting a dixieland delight from his sister Gina.
by Chupacabra21 October 13, 2008
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Pixie land is the fucking shit, you whore ass bitch. If you don't like dixieland then you're a fuck so suck a niggadickorsomethin'!!
Suck a niggadickorsomethin if you don'the like dixieland fuck you cum guzzlin' gutter slut
by Gravity612 November 13, 2016
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Where you poop in a girl’s mouth while having sex
When we where having sex I pulled out the Dixieland dirt eater
by A Dixieland dirt eater April 27, 2022
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